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"El is every writer’s dream. After several years of both structural and line level edits on countless books, I trust them implicitly. They are shrewd, empathetic, and have a hawk-like ability to spot what everyone else misses both in the big picture and in prose. Their expert understanding of the English language is unmatched among the editors I have worked with. El reads fast, and the quality and creativity they deliver is astounding. Their understanding of queer identities especially has been invaluable to my work, and their guidance is a must for any project!"

Alex Ritany

"I owe El a huge and heartfelt thank-you for all of their exceptional hard work in editing various projects, resumes, essays, and my current and ongoing project for a children's book. I appreciate their clarity, encouragement, and truly valuable feedback. They have taken my words and done much more than simply polish them; they have given them a better purpose. Their interventions are right on target, not to mention that I've learned a lot from their comments. I'm becoming a better writer because they edit my work."

Kerima Jaffar

"El has been a guiding figure, creative inspiration and editorial whiz during the review processes of my projects. From short stories to literary essays to my masters application letter of intents, they have always provided valuable feedback, accompanied by suggestions — structural, goal-wise and grammatical — to elevate the quality of my work. They use a collaborative approach, listening to my opinions and goals, incorporating them into my edits. I have always felt the heart of my work remains after El's editing process. Working with El has been an absolute joy and has built my confidence in my writing!"

Katrina Lo

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